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A Year of Trillions: Looking Back at 2021 Milestones

Just like every year-end, it’s time to wrap up 2021 and take a look at some notable events from the past year – a year we dub as the ‘Year of Trillions’.

Bitcoin hits $1 trillion market cap

Earlier in the year, the world saw a lot of firsts for Bitcoin. On 19 February, the first cryptocurrency in history hit its first $1 trillion market value, and is also now first in the category of fastest asset to hit the trillion milestone (in just 12 years compared to Google and Amazon’s 20+ years).

As if joining the Trillion Dollar Club wasn’t enough, Bitcoin added more feathers to its cap by surpassing its trillion achievement with $1.1 trillion in March. And yet again in November, with close to $1.29 trillion. As Bitcoin, and Ether, hit record highs, the crypto market has now soared to a market cap of $3 trillion. 

With more than 18 million Bitcoin in circulation, market experts expect the ‘digital gold’ to continue its price increase going into 2022 and possibly passing the $100,000 mark. However, Ether might just overthrow Bitcoin next year as predictions are placing the crown on Ether as the most valuable crypto in 2022.

Facebook & Tesla worth $1 trillion

It seems more companies are joining the Trillion Dollar Club after Bitcoin’s feat. The second half of 2021 saw Facebook and Tesla making a name for themselves as the fastest companies to breach the $1 trillion valuation. Facebook closed above $1 trillion for the first time in their 17-year history in June, followed by 18-year-old Tesla a few months later in October. 

Announcing a name change to Meta in October, Facebook has been facing a barrage of negative reports following the release of The Facebook Papers, with its market value dropping below the trillion milestone. However, investors remain bullish on the social technology giant going into 2022, considering its $13.6 billion metaverse project and $9.5 billion free cash flow.

Tesla, with its $1.21 trillion market cap, is also predicted to continue its upward trend into the new year. Although the newly discovered Covid variant might throw some curveballs, investors remain optimistic with Tesla’s high demands, increased manufacturing capacity and strong year-over-year growth.

Exness passed $1 trillion trading volume

2021 was a big trillion year for us too. In late October, we all gave a big clap on our backs when our monthly trading volume crossed the $1 trillion threshold. This is a highly anticipated milestone for us, after we hit a peak of $974.5 billion in July. As of this post, we’re proud to announce that our monthly trading volume has increased even further to close to $1.3 trillion.

We also saw significant growth in other areas of the company:

  • ·Our family of Exnessians is rapidly increasing as we number over 1,000 employees across 70 countries.
  • ·Our number of active clients also grew by almost 50% from around 165,000 clients in January to over 245,000 in November this year.
  • ·The Exness Premier program is spanning globally, totaling over 5,000 Premier clients in 52 countries.

As we continue to grow in new and existing markets, we’re steadily building a strong reputation among traders around the world as a leading multi-asset broker. And we can’t wait to see what next year holds for us.

Biden signs $1 trillion infrastructure bill

As the world’s largest economy by GDP, the United States’ spending plans can significantly impact the markets. And it seems that Wall Street is cheering on the recent $1 trillion infrastructure bill signed by President Joe Biden.

Following the passing of the bill, infrastructure stocks and ETFs saw a surge of investors. One of which was the Global X US Infrastructure Development ETF, which rose 1.5% to hit a new all-time high. Aside from the clear boost for big industrial companies, market optimism is also rife in other categories such as broadband, green energy and transportation.

On the other hand, some experts predict the initial spike to wane as investors realize that there may only be modest earnings due to the slow-spending of the bill’s funds.

What to watch for in 2022

With increased attention on the metaverse and the lookout for the next trillion companies, analysts are expecting market opportunities on several stocks for the coming years.

Eyes are on Nvidia as a possible contender, fitting the bill of being a metaverse stock with a market value of $745 billion. Others are seeing potentially bright growth prospects for gaming, software and virtual reality companies, such as Roblox and Unity, in anticipation of the $8 trillion addressable metaverse market, as estimated by Morgan Stanley.

Although it might be a few more years before the metaverse really takes off, the world is already witnessing signs of ballooning demand for metaverse stocks.

As for Exness, something new and exciting is coming to our traders in February, so stay tuned for the big news!

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