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Exness Demo Account : Trading Without the Risk of Losing Money

Exness Demo Account – Trading in the forex market carries a high risk, traders who do not have a good strategy certainly have a higher chance of losing. For this reason, beginner traders are usually advised to open a demo trading account first before using real money.

Exness Demo Account

Exness is one of forex broker that offers a demo trading account to their customers. By using the exness demo account, beginner traders don’t have to worry about losing their funds in the forex market due to their lack of advanced trading skills.

How to Open Exness Demo Account ?

In order to open a demo trading account at exness broker, traders need to set up an active email. Here are the steps to open an exness demo account:

#1 Visit exness website and click ” Open Account ” button.

How to Open Exness Demo Account

You can read our guide registration, read how to open an exness account guide.

#2 Log in to exness portal clients visit

#3 Click ” My Accounts ” menu. Choose ” Demo ” sub menu and click ” Add New Account

Exness Demo Account

#5 Exness demo account configuration, your demo account finished

Once your exness demo account has been created, you can use it to start trading on the exness platform. However, if you want to use a real account, you must verify your exness account before funding it. Visit site to start your trading journey, Using an exness cent account is highly recommended if you are a beginner. You can get the Exness rebates when you register via our link, read our how to get exness rebate rule first.

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