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How to trade Bitcoin on Exness

When you trade using the Exness trading platform, you can choose hundreds of trading instruments according to your needs. Exness offers trading on forex instruments, stocks, energy and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Bitcoin is one of the trading instruments that is widely traded on Exness. Bitcoin is attractive as an investment instrument because it is a new instrument in this industry. Those of you who are interested in trading bitcoin using the exness broker platform, can start by opening a real account on exness.

How to trade Bitcoin on Exness

1. Log in to your Metatrader 4 / 5 with your exness account

2. Click on ” File ” –> choose ” New chart ” –> Choose ” Crypto group ” and then ” BTCUSD

3. Once the chart is open, you can start trading bitcoin there

At Exness you can trade Bitcoin using a standard account or a professional account. However, there is a slight difference in the prefix of the BTC currency pair. If you use a standard account, bitcoin pairs have the prefix BTCUSDm. Meanwhile, on professional accounts, the bitcoin pair is only BTCUSD.

Trading bitcoin on Exness can be a profitable trade if you are an expert in trading. You need to have the skills to make a profit in this highly volatile market. Are you interested in trading Bitcoin on Exness? Visit to start an impressive trading experience on exness.

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