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What is exness rebates

what is exness rebates

Exness is a multinational forex broker providing investment instruments such as forex, crypto currencies, metals, stocks, energies and indices. Currently exness holds licenses from several different countries such as CySEC, CBCS, FSA Seychelles , FCA UK and FSCA.

With the credibility that has been built by the Exness company, many traders in the world have proven that Exness is a comfortable broker to use. Exness broker has claimed 269,692 active accounts, and $1,587 trillion trading volume in February 2022.

The number of active clients is not all aware of the benefits of the exness rebates program. We will provide an overview of the benefits if you join our exness rebates program.

What is exness rebates ?

Exness rebates is a return of some of the trading costs ( spreads or commissions ) that you spend when you carry out trading activities. This exness rebates is paid to you for both profit or loss from your transaction. You will get this exness rebates if you are registered under our ib exness network, Because not all ib’s provide rebate services to their clients.

How do we pay you?

As an IB ( Introducer Broker ) of exness broker, we get a commission from every transaction you make at exness broker. Some of the commissions we receive will be returned to you by 80% of the IB revenue received.

Example of rebates calculation

  • Clients trade 50 lot in a weekes in Zero Account
  • The rebates offer by us is $1.5 Per lot standard

So, the rebates is $1.5 * 50 = $75

According to the rebates calculation example above, USD 75 is the amount of rebates that you will receive, whether your transaction is a profit or a loss. You will receive rebates and rebate above if your trading account is under our ib network.

This is an advantage if you join our exness rebates program. Rebates can reduce losses if your trade is in a loss and will increase profits if your trade is profitable. If you are interested in using exness rebates, you can contact our customer support, our team will help you.

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